Introductory Blog

2 Corinthians 4:13-14

It is written:  “I believed; therefore I have spoken.”  With that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore speak… 

Welcome to!  I am thrilled to start this blogging adventure today.  These two verses in 2nd Corinthians really sums up why I wanted to start this blog.   I believe and therefore want to speak.  My belief in Jesus has transformed my life and I feel compelled to share it with others.  I have made many friends over the years and many of them literally live all over the world.  Blogging gives those who live far and near an opportunity to stay connected – one of the blessings of the internet.  I plan to blog a few times a week and just share what God has put on my heart.  I pray that you find the blogs encouraging and challenging and most importantly, they help you grow in your faith and closer to the Lord.

We were created to be in relationship with the Lord and with each other.  If you think about the image of the cross, the vertical piece can represent our relationship with Christ and the horizontal piece can represent our relationship with others.  They are connected because our belief in the Lord should impact our relationships with others.  Life is hard and we need the love and support of others to walk this Christian walk.  I am far from perfect, I like to think of myself as a work in progress.  I pray you join me here regularly to learn how to apply God’s Word to your life, feel free to share your own thoughts and be encouraged by others who are on this faith journey with us. 

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3 thoughts on “Introductory Blog

  1. Lynn

    I am so excited that you will be blogging. I love having friends to help me through on my faith journey.

    • Nelda

      Good job! I look forward to reading your thoughts on having a relationship with Christ. There is none like Him. He is to be praised and honored forever!

  2. Lynn and Nelda – I am thrilled to have you joining me on this journey! I hope this blog provides a great place for us to talk about and share our faith and that God is glorified through it all.

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