Paper Cut Sins



We live in a world where boundaries are blurred and often crossed.  We are bombarded with images, ideas and words that are not in line with God’s will for our lives.  I was flipping through the channels on the t.v. the other day and was amazed by what I saw.  I can remember watching reruns of I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ricky couldn’t be shown in bed together even though they were married; they were always shown sleeping in twin beds.  When my girls were younger, it seemed that t.v. shows containing inappropriate material for younger viewers didn’t come on before 9 p.m. Now it seems like anything goes at any time.  Our society has slowly, little by little, blurred the boundaries of what is acceptable  regardless of the time of day and who may be watching it.

It is no surprise to me that we tend to do the same thing in our own lives.  We blur the boundaries of what we say and do and justify and rationalize our words and actions.  Scripture says in Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”.  Notice that it doesn’t say some, but all.  We are all sinners, the problem is we don’t always recognize our sin as sin; we allow the boundaries of what we consider to be sin to be blurred.

We usually recognize when we majorly mess up because there are consequences to our words or actions and we usually seek God’s forgiveness for our sins.  For example, we recognize we have broken the law when we see the lights and hear the sirens of the police car pulling in behind us because we were speeding.  We are caught breaking a law and we know we are wrong.  However, what about when we aren’t caught or no one points out our sin.  When was the last time you participated in gossip? There are two parts to gossip, the one doing the talking and the one doing the listening and both are sinful. For most of us it was probably yesterday.  We either said something negative about someone to someone else or else we listened to something that was said and didn’t do anything to stop it.  It is these “little” sins that we tend not recognize as sin.

The danger in this is that if we don’t recognize our sin as sin, we don’t seek forgiveness and repent for what we have done.  These sins slowly distance us from the Lord.  It is like a paper cut.  When we get a paper cut it really hurts.  It is amazing how much something so small can cause so much pain.  Our sins that we consider to be “small” are like paper cuts; they are very small but cause a lot of pain.  Our sin breaks God’s heart – all our sin. He doesn’t categorize them as big or little, that is something we do to diminish the sting of our own sin. However, He does forgive us when we seek His forgiveness.  There is nothing we have done, will do or are doing that Jesus’ death on the cross cannot cover in love, grace and forgiveness.

Where in your life are you allowing boundaries to be blurred?  What paper cut sins do you need to acknowledge, repent and seek the Lord’s forgiveness for today?

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2 thoughts on “Paper Cut Sins

  1. What an awesome simile for sin. The thing about paper cuts is that even though they can sometimes cause just as much pain (or more) as a deep gash, they fail to leave a ‘scar’ as a reminder of what caused the wound in the first place. This makes it so much easier to overlook the pain/issue…until the next time. What a great reminder this is to be mindful of the daily sins that we engage in & our responsibility to avoid them.

    • Thanks! I love the extension of the analogy with the scar – so true. I hope this analogy serves as a great reminder for all of us to pay more attention to our sins, acknowledging them for what they are, repenting and seeking His forgiveness.

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