Sandpaper People

We were created to be in relationships; a relationship with God and relationships with other people. However, relationships are messy because people are messy. We all have people in our lives that rub us the wrong way – sandpaper people. These are the people that we constantly find ourselves in conflict, the ones who frustrate us and irritate us. They are the people that we just can’t ever seem to get along with well.  For many of us, these people are in our workplaces, churches or extended families.

Can you think of who the sandpaper people are in your life or maybe you are lucky and only have a sandpaper person? I know for myself, every time I have a run in with one of these people, I pray that God will change them because in my mind they are obviously the problem. In fact, I have asked God why I have to put up with them, because they are never going to change. It is easy for me to identify what they are doing wrong and exactly what they need to do to change. Does that sound familiar?

However, I have humbly discovered that these people are in my life for a reason. These sandpaper people are in my life not because they need me to change them, but because I need them to help change me. As much as they rub me the wrong way, God has revealed to me that there are a lot of “rough” spots in my personality and He is using them to smooth out my rough spots just as sandpaper is used to rub out the rough spots on a piece of wood. 

I hope you will join me this week as I share what I have learned about how to God uses these people I refer to as sandpaper people, others refer to as EGR (extra grace required), to change me. Each day this week I will share a way in which you can transform your relationships, because these people are not in your life by mistake.  Most likely they are not going away or if they do, they will be replaced by someone else who rubs you the wrong way. They are not there so you can change them; they are there because YOU need to change. If we could change and improve these relationships on our own, we would have done so by now, but we can’t. We need the power of His Holy Spirit working in and through us to transform our relationships.

I hope you join me this week and learn some ways for you to transform your relationships! 

Philippians 4:13

I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

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4 thoughts on “Sandpaper People

  1. I so love this! It makes me realize that the people who you refer to as “sandpaper people or EGR” I need to seriously look inside myself and see why they rub me the wrong way because more likely than not its me not them. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks! I hope you check back this week as we look at things we can do to transform our relationships with our sandpaper people!

  2. thank you thank you for this reminder!

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