Birthday Cake for Jesus


Day 3 of bringing God into your Christmas preparations. One of our family’s traditions during the Christmas season is baking. My mom used to make all kinds of Christmas candy from cookies to chocolate turtles to fudge to edible Christmas wreaths. I am blessed to have her recipes and have been able to carry on that tradition with my daughters.

Decorating gingerbread cookies is one of the highlights of the season for my girls. They make the cookies and spend hours decorating them. Over the years they have gotten quite creative with the decorating and each year they try to make even better ones than they did the year before. There is frosting, sprinkles and tiny candy pieces from one end of the kitchen to the other when they are finished but what fun they have doing it! When all of the Christmas baking is done, we make platters of goodies and deliver them to our friends and neighbors.

One of my dear friends, Dianne, shared one of their Christmas baking traditions with me. They always have a birthday cake for Jesus at Christmas and have it for dessert Christmas day complete with singing “Happy Birthday, Jesus”.  She has done this with her grandchildren for years and it is a great way to include Jesus in the holiday baking and celebrating on Christmas day. I guess we will be adding a cake to our baking list this year. After all, it is the birth of Christ we are celebrating at Christmas!

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Cake for Jesus

  1. What a great idea, Shelly. Thank you for sharing creative ways to keep Jesus our focus. 🙂 God bless you!

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