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I am attending the funeral of a wonderful man of God today. He was someone who had an impact on the spiritual life of my entire family. My girls refer to Joe as the “grandfather of the church”. He would go out of his way to greet people and make people feel welcomed. When our family first starting attending this church and we would miss a week or so, he would always ask us the following week if we were okay and let us know that he missed seeing us the previous week.

It may seem like a small thing, but it really meant a lot to me and 13 years later, I still remember it. He would always talk to my daughters and tell them how cute they looked or how much he liked their dress or hair bows or shoes. Joe made people feel special and feel like they mattered. He was Christ’s light shining brightly in our church and made everyone feel like they belonged and were special. It saddens me today to think that his light will no longer be shining for Christ, but then I realized that it will, because it will shine through every person he touched.

Joe left an amazing spiritual legacy not only for his children and grandchildren, but for so many others who he made to feel like they were part of his family as well. More importantly he made people feel like they were very important members of the family of God. He served in many ministries and was knows as the “Alpha Dog” for his many years of serving in the Alpha ministry.

It makes me think about what kind of legacy I am leaving. How many lives am I touching for Christ? How brightly do I shine the light of Christ to others? Do I make those around me feel loved and welcomed? Do they know they matter to me and more importantly that they matter to God?

It also makes me think of taking time to let the people who have made a difference in my life know it; to take the time to let them know how they have impacted me. As we pray for those who lost loved ones or were impacted by the tragedy in Connecticut, I pray we also take a look at our own lives. Are you leaving the spiritual legacy you want to leave? Have you thanked those who have impacted your walk with God?

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5 thoughts on “Spiritual Legacy

  1. We all must go the extra mile of our fellow human beings. If we try our best with God’s help, then one day he may say to us, ‘Well day my good and faithful servant.’ That is what I long to hear, don’t you?

  2. Deanna

    I have someone in my life whom I treasure for this very reason. She is such a shining example of Christ’s love and service to others. I have been blessed greatly from knowing her.

  3. It is so true that people such as him leave a legacy that truly shines through so many other people that they came into contact with during their life. I hope I can leave a positive legacy, no matter how small it may be.

    • I hope to leave that kind of legacy as well. Sometimes it is the small things we do that really impact others.

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