Peace, It’s up to You


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Romans 12:18

If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

Is that a challenging verse or what? There are of course things that are out of our personal control, but the majority of who and what we deal with on a daily basis is very much under our control. 

What does it mean to live at peace as far as we can control it? It means choosing peace over confrontation, choosing peace over our own desires, choosing peace over our need to be right. Many times we find ourselves in disagreements or heated discussions with others that is anything that is peaceful.

When we find ourselves in these circumstances, we can’t control how the other person will respond, what they will say or how they will act. We do, however, have complete control over ourselves, how we respond and what we say. We need to choose to be right with God over being right. The culture says we are to fight for our rights, make sure we get what we deserve and to stand up for ourselves. The Lord, however, wants us to operate in His Spirit. To put others needs above our own and to focus on loving others.

Romans 14:19

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.

Let’s do just that. Let’s focus on building each other up, encouraging one another and living in peace. Who do you need to put that into practice with today? With whom in your life do you need to lay down your desires and pick up the Lord’s? Who do you need to encourage rather than gossip about or tear down? Are you more focused on being right or being right with God?

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5 thoughts on “Peace, It’s up to You

  1. Wonderful post dear lady! I need to do this today and every day! Thank you! Anne B:)

    • Annie, thanks. It is something I am trying to do everyday as well. It is very challenging but possible with God’s help!

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  3. Naomi

    Oh, how I agree! Indeed, why can’t we live in peace and move forward instead of tearing down what others have built. Perhaps it’s human nature…

    • Naomi, I think living peacefully is difficult because we all have our own thoughts and desires and want what we want and think we are right. Unfortunately we operate out of our fleshly desires versus walking in His Spirit. Hopefully an awareness will help us bear the fruit of His Spirit. Thanks!

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