Be an Encourager


Life is hard. We are busy, overwhelmed, stressed and tired. Ever have a day where nothing seems to go right?  Sometimes a simple word of encouragement can completely turn your day around. Our local Christian radio station, KSBJ, is promoting “love that sticks” for the month of February and they are asking people to write encouraging words on sticky notes and leave them in random places. I love this idea.

I can remember last year seeing some of these notes on items in the grocery store, on gas pumps and even in the women’s restroom. Every time I saw one, it brought a smile to my face. It is truly amazing how one small word of encouragement can change your perspective and your mood. If seeing a random sticky note that says “Smile, Jesus loves you” or “God is proud of you” or “God cares about you” can brighten someone’s day, imagine how much more a personal word of encouragement  can do.

We are so quick to complain or criticize. What if today, you choose not to complain or criticize? What if when the thoughts of complaints or criticisms come, you instead speak a word of encouragement. Instead of complaining to a friend or coworker, you encourage them? What if instead of criticizing your spouse or child, you encourage them? 

I know in the world of text messages, Facebook posts and emails, writing a note or a card and sending it to someone almost seems out of date. However, receiving a note or card someone has taken the time to write can be very special. Take the time this week to write one note of encouragement to someone. Look around at the people in your life and see who might need to be encouraged. Do you have a friend who has been there for you? Tell them and thank them for what they have done for you and what they mean to you. Do you have a family member, coworker or friend who is struggling in their marriage, with finances or with an illness? Write a note to uplift them.

Hebrews 3:13

But encourage one another daily…

We have the ability to impact people’s lives everyday. Let’s choose today to make a positive impact by encouraging one another.


As followers of Christ, we have the blessing of His Holy Spirit dwelling within us. It can help us s

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11 thoughts on “Be an Encourager

  1. great idea- thanks for sharing that! And to think I bought sticky notes at the store yesterday and then wonder why. Now I know!!

    • Julie, I know you will be an encouragement to others through your sticky notes. Love how the Lord already had you prepared to do it.

  2. Excellent idea!

    I sent a Valentine’s Day card to a friend whose husband just left her. She is worried about dealing with the day. I am hoping that she will realize that Jesus is her husband and others care about her.

    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blogsite!

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I love that KSBJ does this each year. We forget how powerful word are and how good right words are. Brighten someone else’s day and in turn brighten your own.

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  5. This has been on my heart heavily lately, as the Lord has been using others to be a blessing to me. You never know how important your act of kindness can be to another.

    • Mommy Meditations, I love it when God puts the same things on other peoples’ hearts. What a difference we can make with a kind word. Blessings!

  6. Thanks so much for this. I’m a writer from Blekendorf, Germany and what you’ve
    said here on could not be said much better.
    Going through this information kinda reminds me of my first roommate, Lasonya.
    He persistently kept preaching about this. I most certainly
    will send this stuff to him. Pretty sure he will
    have a good time reading this. I am grateful
    to you you for posting this.

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