Spiritual Boot Camp

I have just returned from a trip to the Middle East and it is so encouraging to see God so active in that part of the world. After living in Doha, Qatar for four years, I saw God move in amazing ways. There is something unique that happens when God takes us out of our comfort zones and moves us to another part of the world. For me, it became spiritual boot camp. 

Boot camp in and of itself doesn’t really sound very pleasant, but one thing you can be assured of is change. No on goes through bootcamp and comes out the same. Usually when we think of boot camp we think of an intense physical training program where people push their bodies to their physical limits and are able to do more than they thought possible. At the end of boot camp people are more fit, feel better and are stronger. They have transformed their physical bodies.

My spiritual bootcamp in Doha was similar. My walk with God was pushed to the limits and I was able to do more than I ever thought possible through the empowerment of His Holy Spirit. At the end of my four years in Doha I had a closer and more intimate walk with the Lord, my faith was stronger and I was transformed. 

Moving to Doha took me away from all my friends and family. I was no longer working and my sense of self could not come from what I did. What I learned during this time was to depend on God for support and to get my sense of self from who He said I was versus what others said. Because we didn’t have internet for 5 months it was difficult to connect with people back at home and the Lord became my constant companion.

I spent more time in prayer and in His Word than ever before and I began hearing from Him more regularly. My sensitivity to His Spirit increased and I was able to recognize His still small voice more readily. Our God is a personal God and He wants to speak to you personally about what is going on in your life. Are you willing to slow things down long enough to listen?

Do you want to be closer to the Lord and hear from Him more often and feel the leading of His Holy Spirit more regularly? If you spend time daily in His Word and in prayer that is truly two way communication, you will hear from Him. If you want to begin spiritual boot camp, I recommend starting with the book of James and reading a passage from it daily and taking time to really meditate on it. James is short book and is all about how we are to live our lives. It is easy to understand and apply to our lives and I have no doubt the Lord will speak to you and you will feel the conviction of His Spirit as you read through it.

I am resigning myself up for a refresher course in spiritual boot camp and am starting with reading the book of James. I will be posting regularly my insights on this book. Do you want to join me in this spiritual boot camp? Do you want to have a more intimate relationship with the Lord? Begin today with spending some time in prayer and tomorrow we will begin our journey through the book of James and see what the Lord has in store for us!

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10 thoughts on “Spiritual Boot Camp

  1. Wow, what a journey you had out there! Yes i would love to join you and study the book of James. Great post Shelly, God bless you. 🙂

    • Steve, glad to have you on the journey! I can’t wait to see what God will do as we spend time with Him and really dig into the book of James.

  2. Enjoyed your post. I can tell that your journey was worth everything you went through. It’s an inspirational post, so thanks…

  3. Love the idea of Spiritual boot camp! I definitely need it right now. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Debby Scarborough

    I am ready to tackle James with you!

  5. Sounds great, or should I say grate? 🙂 Yes – James it is!

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