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Travel Notes

My parents used to keep a road atlas in a drawer in a table next to the sofa in our den.  It was big… maybe 15×18 inches.  Every time we went somewhere new, they were careful to pull it out of the drawer and to put it in the front seat of the car.  It was near the top of every vacation check list.

I doubt that my children know what a road atlas is. They use GPS.  Karen and I are somewhere in the middle.  We like Google Maps.

Maps.  Regardless of what form they take, every generation needs them.  How else would anyone arrive at an unknown destination?  Yes, maps are a necessary part of life. 

There have been times in my journey when I wanted a life map.  I wanted to know where I was going and how I would get there. In these times, lacking a…

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2 thoughts on “Life Maps

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! My resolution this year is Proverbs 16:3 (NLT). Thanks for the reminder! Be blessed

  2. Greater Working Women’s Ministry, beautiful verse and such a great reminder to surrender to His plans for our lives. Blessings!

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