What Pleases the Lord?


Today we are going to look at Ephesians 5:10. It is a short verse of only 7 words but very challenging.

Ephesians 5:10

10 and find out what pleases the Lord.

Remember in the previous verses Paul was urging the people to walk as children of the light. He follows this by asking them to “find out what pleases the Lord”. We need to do the same thing. We need to find out what pleases the Lord and then make sure we are doing the things pleasing to Him.

The big question is what is pleasing to the Lord? In order to answer this question, three things are necessary. The first is for us to be in an intimate relationship with the Lord and spend time in prayer. Prayer is one of the primary ways the Lord speaks to us. We will not know what He has to say about how we are living our lives if we never spend time with Him.

The Lord does not leave us to our own devices to figure out what pleases Him. He has given us the Bible to help us get to know who He is, how He operates and what is important to Him. If we want to know what pleases Him, we need to really dig into HIs Word.  The Lord uses the Holy Spirit to reveal spiritual truths to us through His Word. Have you ever read a passage of Scripture and all of a sudden a verse jumps off the page? Or have you read a passage you have heard and read many times and suddenly it takes on a new deeper meaning? Those are examples of how the Holy Spirit reveals to us ways His Word needs to be applied to our lives or how it speaks into a circumstance we are dealing with. However, without opening and reading it regularly for ourselves, we will miss out on what He wants to reveal to us.

One of the final ways for us to know what pleases the Lord is to be part of a Christian community. We weren’t designed to walk this faith walk alone, but within a community. It is popular for people today to say they don’t need to go to church, their faith is between them and God. Being part of a community has been essential for everyone through out the Bible. God never had someone live on their own and never commune with others who believe in Him. Being in a Christian community can encourage, inspire, teach and challenge us. We will miss out on what God wants to teach us and reveal to us through others if we are not engaged with other believers. We are called to be part of the body of Christ and that cannot be done in isolation.

As you read this post, which area spoke to you the most? Is God prompting you to spend more time in prayer in order to know what pleases Him? Do you need to dig into His Word daily? Do you need to find a community of believers to become engaged with? Allow the Lord to show you which area of your spiritual life needs a little boost. Make the corrections necessary so you won’t miss out on anything the Lord has for you!

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7 thoughts on “What Pleases the Lord?

  1. I love taking a “piece” of scripture and then meditating on it, and praying it for a few days or weeks; however long it takes to get an answer- I love how sometimes He gives us only a glimpse of His heart so we may seek Him all the more…

    • Tracy, I couldn’t agree more. I love slowing down and looking at a verse or a few verses at a time. There is so much richness in Scripture. Be blessed and bless someone else today!

  2. thanks for this reminder that we must allow His Spirit to speak through prayer, His Word and the faith community. We are need each other’s faithful perspective to help us plumb with His will.

    • Julie, thanks! We certainly need each other to walk this journey with each day. The online community can be such an source of teaching, encouraging and support. Be blessed!

  3. Shelly, This is a great reminder about prayer and fellowship with other Christians. Sometimes we have to work at these things, actually schedule them, but they are so necessary. Thanks.

    • Julie, scheduling quiet time and making a commitment to fellowship is so crucial to our spiritual growth. We put many other things on our calendars, why not time with the Lord and His people? Blessings!

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