Rejoice and Be Glad


Psalm 118:24

This is the day that the Lord has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

We have a choice every day in how we see our day. Regardless of what the weather is like outside or what you have to do on your calendar, choose to rejoice and be glad. Start your day giving the Lord praise, for He has made this day for us. What we choose to do with it and our attitude as we go throughout the day is up to us.

I choose to start this day rejoicing and being glad that the Lord has made it. It is cold and dreary here in the Houston area with temperatures not getting out of the 40s. I have several meetings to attend and lots of things on my “to do” list. None of that in and of itself is a reason to rejoice, but rejoicing is a choice.

I choose to praise the Lord for this day and to keep my eyes open to what He might have for me today. You never know when you will see God show up in your day or when He will rearrange your day to help you meet your divine appointment. Choose to rejoice in the Lord today and the day He has prepared for you. Keep you eyes and ears open for how He might use you today to bless someone else. Who knows, your attitude my just influence someone around you and they might just see the light of Christ in you through you attitude!

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25 thoughts on “Rejoice and Be Glad

  1. Harbin77

    Amen, one of my favorite verses. We are coming down there from Amarillo in a couple of weeks to go on a cruse with the our Houston kids so please warm it up for us. Although here lately it seams y’all have been colder than us. Jim

    • Jim, hope the weather improves for you all before you head down. It changes pretty rapidly here in the Houston area – we were at 78 on Saturday. Rejoice in this day! Blessings!

  2. JoshD

    Reblogged this on Joshua Dontae.

  3. On this rainy, dreary morning I needed your reminder to keep my heart and eyes open for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Have a blessed day:-)

    • Bernadette, you and me both! It is easy to look outside on a dreary day and begin the day with dread, but thankfully the Lord allows us to choose to rejoice and be glad!

  4. Rejoicing is a choice that God encourages us to make.

  5. Amen, Shelly. We never know ‘what a day may bring forth’. Praising Him with you!

  6. directorb

    Great post, our attitude is everything!

  7. Nelda

    Keeping the day bright by keeping the attitude right…rejoicing with you!

  8. sarahmae

    Thank you for this! Rejoice in The Lord Always! Stay Smiling! 🙂

    • Sarahmae, rejoicing is a choice – one we need to make daily. Glad you are rejoicing in the Lord today. Blessings!

  9. Excellent! Blessings, Natalie 🙂

  10. Thank you for this reminder to choose to rejoice. Now…to remember! By the way, you have a beautiful blog!

    • Patty, thanks for your words of encouragement. May we all remember to rejoice in the Lord today. Blessings!

  11. Jovella M.

    Thanks for the well-timed post.
    Yes, rejoice folks! The Weather Network says Houston is at 48 Ferinheight. We are at -0 Ferinheight right now, tomorrow (Tuesday) we will be at -14. It’s cold, but we have winter weather for 8 months out of the year and as a result we must rejoice in the Lord and all His gifts or else life starts to feel like the weather; miserable, dark and cold.

    • Jovella, amen! Our lives don’t have to mimic the dreary winter weather. We can choose to rejoice in the Lord and all of His blessings.

  12. Shelly, Thank you for this! I have been in a dumpy mood today, feeling like I need to do more with my life. This really put my mind in a better place! I don’t need to do more, I need to stop wrestling ofr control, pray for divine appointments, worship my Lord, and be willing to show up when he Calls! I think I miss some appointments by dwelling in my own attempts to rule my life! Great post! I Got al ot out of it! I am going to go to bed praising God and wake up doing the same.

    • Jeslee, thanks for your kind and encouraging words. I am so glad this post spoke to you. Love the idea of going to bed praising the Lord and waking up doing the same. Be blessed!

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