Ice Bucket Challenge and a Man of Faith

Purpose for Our Struggles

Here in the U.S. we have been bombarded on Facebook and other social media by people accepting the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It is where people are challenging friends to pour a bucket of ice cold water over their heads and to make a donation to and ALS foundation.

ALS is a devastating disease where you slowly lose function of nerves and muscles throughout your body. Slowly your body shuts down, but your mind remains strong. A dear friend of mine passed away from ALS in July 2012. Terry was a man of unwavering faith.

From the time he was diagnosed he always found the positives and never focused on the negatives. His attitude was astounding. I asked him how he could be so positive when he lost the ability to do the things he loved and even to be able to care for himself. His answer was simple, “I have faith in God and trust Him completely.”

Those of us who knew Terry knew he was a believer and knew he went to church and was raising his children to know the Lord. However, it wasn’t until his illness that we learned the depth of His faith. He lost his ability to walk and was confined to a wheelchair. As his health declined, his faith became bolder. He said his wheelchair was a better pulpit to share the Lord with others than when he was standing on his own two feet.

He shared his faith with anyone he came into contact with and was such a powerful witness for the Lord. He saw the goodness of God in the midst of circumstances that appeared anything but good from the outside. How about you – do you see the goodness of God in your circumstances?

Terry knew one of the purposes for his illness was to increase his faith and the power of his witness. I have no doubt the Lord has rewarded him for his faithfulness.

May we all be able to say we cling to our faith regardless of what we face, put our trust in the Lord and see His goodness.

2 Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.



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14 thoughts on “Ice Bucket Challenge and a Man of Faith

  1. It’s amazing how in all the times I’ve prayed for greater faith, I’ve complained or felt afflicted in the circumstances God has provided me to increase my faith and share The Lord. Thank you for this great entry and motivation.

    • Nodimlight, amen! God increases our faith and strengthens us when we need it IF we turn to Him. It provides us the perfect opportunity to share with others what He is doing in our lives. Be blessed!

  2. swbayhi

    Powerful testimony I pray I can say that too!! But this applies to each one of us on the journey!!  In whatever circumstance we find our selves in every day! You have so much encouraged me !! I am going to try to listen to god all day long being aware of telling some one Jesus  loves them!!”. Thank youuu !!

    Sent from Samsung MobileDeeply Rooted

    • Sally, this absolutely applies to us all! We have so many opportunities to share our faith each day. May we all listen to the where the Lord is leading us and share with those He would have us share the love of His son. Miss you and hope you are still rocking your fabulous hats!

  3. Please make sure when you make a donation you specify it is not go to purchase stem cells from abortion clinics for fetuses. ASL research alleged has spent thousands on this in the past. I hope it is not true, but some Christian commentators have reported this. Umbilical chord stem cells can be just as easily donated after the baby is born.

  4. Thank you for sharing Terry with us. What a legacy he has left behind! God bless you!

  5. Debbie, it was an honor to know him and he did leave a beautiful spiritual legacy behind for his friends and family. Blessings!

  6. Hey Shelly, I really enjoyed this post! In fact, it inspired me to write something about my Dad and our journey with cancer on my blog at Words For The Kingdom ( I linked back to your article so that people could read it. I loved the quote, “He said his wheelchair was a better pulpit to share the Lord with others than when he was standing on his own two feet.” I think sometimes it takes a major struggle to help us realize what God wants to do through us. Thank you for sharing this story. I hope that it continues to inspire others.

    • Jesse, thanks so much for your kind words! Terry truly was an inspiration. It amazes me how when faced with hardships how some people’s faith comes shining through. Hope that is the case for me and it sounds like it certainly is for you. Blessings and thanks for sharing your story!

  7. What a wonderful tribute, Shelly. Thank you for this post!

    • Bill, I wish you and Terry could have met each other! You are both amazing men of faith who have furthered the kingdom of God. Blessings to you!

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