Meet Shelly

Meet Shelly

Shelly Sorem came to know and love the Lord in 1999 and He has been the guiding force in her life ever since. From the time she accepted Jesus Christ into her life, everything seem to change. God changed what was important to her and how she lived her life. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education and spent three years teaching second grade. She also has a Masters degree in counseling psychology and was a counselor at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center in the pediatric and adolescent clinic for three years. It was during this time that the Lord called her into ministry.
Shelly began working at her church in children’s ministry where she was in charge of Sunday school for children from preschool through 5th grade. Her first assignment was to write a lesson on Noah and the rainbow. Shelly will never forget the panic she felt when she was asked to do this because she had heard of Noah and the flood but she had no idea about a rainbow. Shelly didn’t grow up knowing the Lord and had never read the Word of God until she became a believer in 1999. Shelly loves learning and dug into the Word of God and read and studied about the life of Noah in order to write the lesson plans. This is where the love of the Word of God came alive in her and she studied each week in order to be able to write the lesson plans and teach the students.
After three years in children’s ministry, Shelly was asked to be the youth pastor at her church. She was scared to death to work with teenagers, especially teenagers who knew more about the Word of God than she felt she did, but God called her to the job and equipped her to do it. Being a youth pastor was one of the biggest blessings in her life. She loved working with the teenagers and seeing their passion for the Lord. During her time as youth pastor, several students came to know the Lord and it was something that inspired Shelly to try to reach more people for Christ.
After two years as a youth pastor, her husband Bill was transferred to Doha, Qatar and the family moved there with him for four years. Shelly and Bill knew God wanted them to move to Doha, but they had no idea why or what was in store for them. It was in Doha, literally in the middle of the desert that the Lord again changed Shelly’s life. He drew her into an intimate relationship Him and taught her to trust Him with every aspect of her life. Without friends and family close by, Shelly quickly learned to lean on the Lord. He took her out of her comfort zone to help her realize her dependence upon Him.
In Doha, Shelly became actively involved in the Women’s Ministry and served as prayer team leader, planning and events coordinator, Bible study facilitator and Bible study leader. It was during this time the Lord shifted her focus from serving children and teens to women. Shelly feels as though the Lord had her studying and teaching people who were on the same level with her spiritually, beginning with small children, then teens and finally graduating to adults. Serving in the Women’s Ministry ignited her passion for women and helping them come to know and love the Lord the way she did. She has since been a speaker at women’s conferences and retreats and in Doha, The United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria and the United States.
Shelly and her family returned to the United States in 2010 where she has written and taught a women’s Bible study on trusting the Lord, Sunday school lessons, led a small group and continued to speak at women’s events. She has just published her first book Deeply Rooted which is a 365-day devotional geared at helping people jumpstart their quiet time, develop a passion for the Word of God and grow closer to the Lord.
She and her husband, Bill, live in Katy, Texas with their two teenage daughters, Allison and Emily. Allison is a sophomore and Emily is a freshman at Texas A&M University. Next to her family, Shelly counts her friends as her biggest blessing. Her sisters in Christ love and encourage her as well as challenge her and hold her accountable to being the person God created her to be.

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  1. Thank You for visiting my blog reading my post . God bless you Shelly !!!

  2. Shelly, It always amazes me when people find my blog, and I love how it connects us. Thanks for stopping by! If you read any other pages, you’ll know that Texas holds a dear place in my heart–my husband pastored there for 10 years, lived there 14, and all of our 4 children were born there! My brother in law is at FBC Houston as singles minister. Small world! :0)

    • Vickie, what a small world! Texas is really home to me after being here over 20 years. Love connecting with others in the faith through our blogs. Be blessed today!

  3. Thanks for stopping by G & G! God bless.

  4. Hi Shelly. I have nominated your for the Sunshine Award. You can find out more about it by following this link: Congratulations. I look forward to more of your work.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you liked my post. Have a blessed day. In Him, Natalie

  6. I looked at the trees in your header image and had to read your “Meet Shelly” to see if you lived in Texas. LOL. I just moved from there about a year ago. Many blessings, and thank you for visiting my blog.

  7. Thank you for visiting and thanks for sharing your story on this page. It’s so encouraging to read of one who seems guided by the Holy Spirit, not personal ambition. May your humble spirit overflow into the lives of those who strive for personal acceptance via the acceptance of others, rather than first with the Lord.

  8. You mentioned “snow free days in Texas” on another blog, and I just had to see exactly what part of Texas you lived. I’m in Texas and have had several in the last few years. But now I understand. The Houston area is far south and a little more out of the reach of the winter storms.
    Just a shout from a fellow Texan. Blessings!

    • Cindy, we don’t see much winter weather in Houston. A few days of cold weather, but very rarely snow. Growing up in Kansas I miss the four seasons and snow days were the best! Be blessed.

  9. Hi Shelly,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. I have been encouraged and blessed by some of your posts. I nominated you to receive the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Should you choose to accept, please review the guidelines on the following post:
    Have a blessed day!

    • Keishawna, thanks so much for the nomination. I appreciate it but mine is an award free blog. I am glad you enjoyed it – may God be glorified by my blog. Blessings!

      • You are welcome and I totally understand! I can tell you that God is definitely glorified in your posts. What He thinks is all that matters. Blessings to you as you continue to share what He has given you with others!

      • Keishawna, amen!

  10. Maintain the spectacular work !! Lovin’ it!|

  11. I just saw that you did not accept awards and I also nominated you for the Sisterhood award. I hope you are blessed all the same. I really enjoy your blog!

    • Goodgraceiousness, thanks for the nomination. I am honored and humbled by it. Knowing my blog has blessed you is award enough! Be blessed!!

  12. Hi Shelly! Thanks for visiting my blog, you lead me to your beautiful blog here. Following you now and looking forward to read more of your post.

    And i’m also glad to know you visited Nigeria, how was it? hope it was a good experience? Nice to meet you my sister 🙂 Keep serving the lord ~ God bless!

  13. Thank You for visiting my blog reading my post .

  14. Shelly,
    Thank you for viviting my blog As I read your post I found your blog not only delightful but spirit filled. Your journey has been a beautiful one, truly guided by the Lord. I am sure the women you reach through your speaking and teaching are blessed beyond measure! May God continue to guide and bless you!


  15. I love the title of your blog and devotional. I will check it out. We are all like trees, planted by God for the display of His splendor! Deeply rooted in the Ground of Our Being, near the streams of Living Water.

    • Passionproud, thanks so much. I love the imagery of us being deeply rooted trees and being deeply rooted in the Lord. Blessings!

  16. applyingmybeliefs

    Shelly – Thanks for liking my blog. I see you live in Katy, my wife and I do too! We go to The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch, and I run a ministry called Merimnao (

    • Ken, it is a small world! We attend Grace Anglican Community. Your ministry looks like it really blesses those who are hurting. It is wonderful to connect with another believer – especially one who lives so close. Hope you have a blessed weekend.

  17. Hi Shelly,
    I attended your women’s quiet day in Grand Prairie and just loved the walk through the spiritual journey – wish we had more time to go through it – are you offering this program again anywhere over the summer?

    • Kristi, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I had a wonderful time with all of the ladies. I don’t have anything planned to do this topic this summer but would be happy to come and do it for your church. I have done it for a retreat weekend which gives a lot more time to process all of the information. It could also be done as a one day conference. If you have any interest in having me come, please let me now. Be blessed!

  18. Sasha

    I love your devotional posts! I can check on the blogging world and get a Bible study all in one! 😉 Amazing story and amazing wisdom, looking forward to reading many more!

    • Sasha, thanks so much for your kind words. It is wonderful to connect with other believers and be able to encourage and challenge one another. Be blessed!

  19. Hi Shelly! Thank you for sharing your walk with God! I really enjoy reading it! 🙂 God bless you!

    • Lynn, glad you enjoyed my blog. It is a great way to share our spiritual journey with people we probably won’t be able to meet in person.

  20. Thank you, Shelly, for your comments on a couple of my posts! I’m a fairly new blogger and appreciate the encouragement. I’m enjoying getting to “know” you as I read your blog. God is good! Have a blessed day!

    • PJ, I enjoyed reading your posts. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. It is a great way to connect with other believers around the world. Be blessed!

  21. Shelly- I gave your name and blog address to Jackie Eckersly who is president of the Diocese of Texas Daughters of the King.. I was their keynote this year, and I thought you might be interested in keynoting at Camp Allen ( about 45 mn from Houston) next Fall. They pay $300.

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